The peninsula of the Peloponnese is separated from the mainland of Greece by the Isthmus of Corinth and is considered by many a big island (the island of Pelops, hence comes its name “Peloponnese”), or, as it has recently been named, the “Mythical Peloponnese”. With its varied landscape and climate, the Peloponnese has everything you might seek, from gorgeous beaches and high mountains to breathtaking caves (Diros, Kastria) and ski resorts.

The Peloponnese has a long history; it played a significant role in the liberation of Greece from the Turks. Visit the Isthmus of Corinth, ancient Nemea (where visitors may see the stadium, similar to that of Olympia), the city of Sparta, Mystras, ancient Olympia (home of the Olympic Games), Kalavryta with the unique cog railway, and Monemvassia. In the prefecture of Mani enjoy the wild beauty of nature, and visit the famous and much advertised castles, as well as the gorgeous caves of Diros. The mountain ranges of the “Mythical Peloponnese” are pretty high, and thus have their own ecosystem with rare flowers and wild fauna. There are at least two popular ski resorts for the winter.

With its spectacular gorges, forests, mountains, with its fantastic beaches, its ancient sites known all over the world, its traditional villages and friendly inhabitants, the “Mythical Peloponneseis the perfect place to visit.